明升ms88备用网站 is at the forefront of the endeavour to tackle climate change through clean energy innovations and prides itself on a domestic energy value chain that is 98 per cent carbon-free. 不少于54.6 per cent of the electricity mix in the national grid comes from renewable sources today – making 明升ms88备用网站 the EU leader in renewable energy. 

The energy sector is booming worldwide as large-scale efforts are getting underway to transform power generation. Doing more to integrate renewables will be instrumental in achieving the goal of making 明升ms88备用网站 the world’s first fossil-free welfare nation by 2045.

同时, 明升ms88备用网站能源公司之间的成功合作, startups and academia are already providing a blueprint for accelerating the green energy transformation in overseas markets.


The complexity of bringing renewable sources into energy systems requires advanced expertise in 数字化, 多方向的能量流动, 储能与智能, 灵活的电网——所有这些都可以在明升ms88备用网站的智能能源生态系统中找到. Several Swedish energy companies have a global reach and their solutions can be found on all continents.

得益于先进的技术, 世界一流的创新体系和值得骄傲的工程遗产, 明升ms88备用网站有充足的设备来满足这十年甚至更久的电力需求, 无论是为运输和工业过程提供电气化动力, 云计算或其他能源密集型行业.

在明升ms88备用网站, 效用巨人, industrial companies and startups are working together with researchers to develop and commercialise clean energy technologies for a variety of applications. 几十个能源相关的试验台, 联合创新平台和研究项目在全国范围内活跃. 能源经济实验室(ENIG), 一个能源效率网络, 明升ms88备用网站电力运输实验室(SEEL), 电子移动的试验台, 这仅仅是能源领域协同创新进展的两个例子吗.  

Recent progress extends to large hydrogen-related investments in high-emitting industries such as steel. HYBRIT, 一家钢铁制造商SSAB的合资企业, 矿业公司LKAB和公用事业巨头Vattenfall, is a case in point and has paved the way for the world’s first pilot plant for fossil-free steel production.

在一起, these companies have found a way of replacing coal in the production of iron and steel using a hydrogen-based technology. 目标是到2035年建立一个完全不使用化石燃料的炼钢工艺, 单是这一成就就能将明升ms88备用网站的二氧化碳排放总量减少10%.

在此背景下另一个值得注意的发展是H2绿色钢的推出. The company is aiming for an annual production of 5 million tonnes of carbon-free steel by 2030 using its own hydrogen-based technology to replace coal.


  • 可再生能源在欧盟国家能源结构中所占比例最高(54%).6%),是欧盟最低的能源成本和99.9%的电网稳定性
  • 到2040年可再生能源产量达到100%的目标
  • 全球区域冷暖解决方案的领导者, 热电转换和能源再利用
  • 电气化领域的领先创新者, 数字化, 直流线路, 变电站和能源质量解决方案(如FACTS), 柔性交流输电系统
  • 30多台高压工程试验台, 太阳能和风能, 电池存储, 燃料电池技术, 氢的应用程序, 加热和冷却解决方案

Renewable energy is expected to account for 80 per cent of global growth in electricity demand by 2030. 明升ms88备用网站走在进步的前沿,为外国投资者提供了大量的机会.

而水力发电占明升ms88备用网站可再生能源的绝大部分, 其他替代能源正在迅速扩大. 例如, wind power production in 明升ms88备用网站 is expected to increase to 82 TWh by 2040 and account for 47 per cent of total energy production. 投资的稳步增长正在释放风能价值链上的机遇.

除了, the state-owned transmission system operator 明升ms88备用网站语 Kraftnät is investing more than SEK 60 billion (USD 8.50亿),以提高容量和消除传输瓶颈. 在低碳氢的生产中还可以发现更多的机会, synthetic fuels and biofuels which will create a bridge for clean electricity in heavy industry and long-haul transport.

当谈到能量储存和电池生产时, the construction of Northvolt Ett – 欧洲’s first battery gigafactory in Skellefteå – has opened up a new horison for international companies. 投资者从日本, 韩国 and 中国 are now taking part in building a Swedish supply network powered by green energy.


明升ms88备用网站商业在几个方面支持智能能源生态系统. 我们帮助公司建立跨学科的伙伴关系, engage with private and public stakeholders and to attract foreign investments to the energy sector.

最重要的是, we help Swedish energy providers and cleantech specialists capture opportunities abroad where they are well positioned for success. The electrification trend is driving demand for grid expansions and upgrades with global annual investments currently topping USD 400 billion.

成熟市场中老化的电网急需进行现代化改造, 扩展和加固,具有更高的安全性和可靠性. 数字化是这些新网格要求的关键组成部分,也是新网格要求的核心, prosumer-driven (consumers who also produce) business models which utility companies must adopt to stay relevant.

最后, the combination of falling renewable energy prices in global markets and growing demands on 可持续性 has also made hydrogen an increasingly realistic option in the transition to a green economy. 无论专业, 我们的目标是让明升ms88备用网站供应商走在全球向碳中和转变的前沿, 到2030年建立灵活可靠的能源体系.

Are you a foreign investor looking to establish or expand your business in 明升ms88备用网站’s 智能能源 ecosystem? 我们的团队可以为您提供所需的所有帮助和见解.

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